Infants with Sherwin & Karina Stowers

New Zealand’s top rugby-playing couple, Sherwin plays for the All Blacks Sevens and Karina for the Black Ferns. Together they have Archie (an All Black in the making?!) who was four-months when we caught up with them.

How has becoming a parent changed your life?

Time…most of our time now is organised around Archie.

What do you love most about being a parent?

We love being parents because of the hugs and kisses we get from our son. Watching him grow in front of our eyes is a real treat.

What do you like most about the infant stage?

What we like most about the infant stage is that babies don't need much. As long as their bottom is clean and dry, their tummy is full, they’re warm, have a safe place to sleep and have loads of cuddles, they are happy and you are happy everything is good. At this stage baby starts to recognise you and the world around them. We would get such a thrill when we would see Archie smile or reach out with his hands to hit a toy that was dangling above him.

What are some of the challenges of the infant stage and how do you deal with them?

Some of the challenges we faced at the infant stage were more to do with us as first-time parents. We started to notice that he needed to be stimulated more by colours or a play gym because he would look around and was getting stronger. How much play-time was too much? What was age-appropriate? Joining a mums’ coffee group with a friend really helped. There were mums with bubs around the same age as our little one so sharing ideas about learning and development at the infant stage really helped us to support his learning.

What are your hopes and dreams for Archie as he moves forward in his life?

Our hopes and dreams for Archie when he gets older... (How long is a piece of string?). We hope that he always feels loved by us and others, we hope that he is kind and hardworking. Our dream for him is to share our love of rugby, education and our Catholic faith. I have a feeling Archie will make us proud whatever he sets his mind on.

Why did you become involved in Raising Children and what do you like about the project?

We became involved in Raising Children because we support the messages that they aim to send out to families. As first-time parents we valued the experiences shared from the previous series. To even be considered to be part of a project like this is a real privilege. Everyone has their own unique parenting experience, special to them and their child so to be able to share our story is so cool. We hope families enjoy the new series and can relate to the stories.

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