Newborns with Toni Street

Toni Street on being a mum again…

Toni Street is a presenter on Seven Sharp and mum to two-year-old Juliette with another baby due in a couple of months. Round two of the newborn years coming up!

How has becoming a parent changed your life?

Becoming a parent has changed my life in so many ways. Life is now about Juliette and how to make her feel happy and safe. There’s heaps more love and laughter, and time juggling!

What do you love most about being a parent?

The thing I love the most is watching Juliette grow and develop...every day you’ve got something super exciting to wake up to… life is never dull.

What do you like most about the newborn stage?

The best thing about the newborn stage is that they’re totally dependent on you, which is a huge responsibility but also really rewarding when they reach a milestone. That means they’re also super portable and aren’t as demanding as a toddler!

What are some of the challenges of the newborn stage and how do you deal with them?

Some of the best bits can also be really tough... you have to be with your newborn virtually 24/7 and I remember feeling hesitant to leave Juliette even for half an hour in those early days. That’s tough, because you’re very tired.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children as they move forward in their lives?

All I hope for is that my kids are happy and healthy… everything else is really irrelevant.

Why did you become involved in Raising Children and what do you like about the project?

I wanted to be involved with Raising Children because I think it’s important to be open and honest about the challenges of being a Mum or Dad. It’s a tough job, and I don’t know a single parent who hasn’t struggled at one stage or another. It’s comforting to know that when you’re having a challenging time with your newborn lots of other parents are too!

Jude caught up with Toni for an update on life now with her big preschool girls - you can read it under our blogs, here. 

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