Preschoolers with Jeremy and Anna Stanley

Jeremy and Anna Stanley have both represented New Zealand in top-level sport. Anna played for the Silver Ferns for 12 years, captaining them for three. She retired from the team when she was pregnant with their first child. Jeremy, an orthopedic surgeon, played for the All Blacks before retiring when he was 26 with a back injury. Together they’re parents to Jaya (8), Nico (6) and Zac (almost 4). Anna shares what she loves about being a parent and how it has changed her life:

How has becoming a parent changed your life?

When your first child comes along it changes in so many ways it’s not funny! You suddenly have this little person who becomes the sole focus of every minute of every day. So initially anything that you did for yourself goes out the back door and your priorities change immensely.

Now that my three children are getting older, life is starting to get better again…ha! You start to find that good balance between motherhood and doing things for yourself.

What do you love most about being a parent?

Watching my kids grow and develop, seeing their different personalities shine through even though we are bringing them up all the same.

What do you like most about the preschool stage?

They are starting to understand the big wide world - but can still come out with some funny lines. I like the fact you can still get lots of cuddles too – I am holding on to that as my preschooler is my youngest!

What are some of the challenges of the preschool stage and how do you deal with them?

The constant questions about everything – Why? Why? Why? Sometimes you just don’t have an answer for everything they ask! You just have to find the humour in it and try and explain things as best you can at that time.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children as they move forward in their lives?

Obviously to be happy, healthy kids. To have dreams, know what working hard is and to do the best they can in whatever field they want.

Why did you become involved in Raising Children and what do you like about the project?

To help bring awareness that parenthood can be tough - and that mostly parents out there do a wonderful job even though at times you may not be told. So to be able to support and/or encourage other parents in any way through this project is fantastic.

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